Team Name Total Points

Task Points/Resident
Following @prentice4M on Instagram 50
Google Review 25
Text us awesome pictures of you at the campus/wearing 4M apparel 20
Pay Rent on time 100
per household
Send us a funny joke (has to make us laugh) 10
Poem (some effort required) 5
Text us a funny video or gif of a resident on campus 5
Create a podcast episode 40
Book and use a conference room 10
Get help on an essay from staff 10
Write something nice about someone in a different unit 10
Secure a summer job/internship 50
Send us a skill you want to learn and what you’re doing to achieve it 10
Volunteer somewhere in Ann Arbor 30
Get an A on a test 5
Send us a good song – a real banger (we reserve the right to decide) 5
Describe a full day (best day of 2021) creatively 5
Write a nice letter to someone (show proof) 10
Share one of your hobbies with the staff and why you love it 10
Pitch us a business idea 10-50
Positive Social media tagging of 4M 10
Go on a trail run with 4M Team 50
Report a maintenance request and troubleshoot it with our team 10
Thank the cleaners 10
Make a cooking demo to share (extra points for tastiest and cheapest) 10