At 4M, one of our primary objectives is to create a safe and healthy environment. We take this responsibility very seriously. PLEASE NOTE: If a resident already had COVID-19 at any time, they are not exempt from any rule. To help ensure the health, safety, and quiet enjoyment of the property by our residents, 4M has established the following regulations that are applicable to all tenants and guests.

  • Quiet Hours: Weekdays 11pm – 8am. Weekends 1am- 9am
  • Residents and their guests shall not engage in any activities that would unreasonably disturb other residents during Quiet Hours
  • Gatherings except with prior written permission from Management:No more than 10 people (including residents) may gather in any unit or in any common areas, including outdoor space. Each unit may not have more than 4 guests anywhere on the property at one time, including within the unit, in common areas, outdoor spaces, or a combination of those spaces.
  • Guests: For the safety of all tenants, management requires that any guest entering the campus first be added to the LATCH hardware system. Management reserves the right to have any non-resident removed from anywhere on the property at any time. Guests are not allowed in the campus common areas.
  • Masks: Masks must be worn in all common areas and bookable spaces at all times. No exceptions. Management reserves the right to ask residents and guests to leave and revoke privileges to common areas if necessary for not following mask guidelines. Masks are not required in individual units.
  • Unit Cleaning: On your scheduled date and time for first level cleaning of your unit, residents must all remain on the second and third floors for the duration of the cleaning period. If our cleaning staff arrives in a unit, and any resident is occupying the first floor, staff members reserve the right to not clean the unit floor. The cleaning staff is not responsible for food dishes. This service is intended to provide enhanced safety and health, not to pick up after residents.
  • No Swiffer products allowed. They have been known to damage floors and unfortunately if used, will void our flooring warranty.
  • Common Area Spaces will not be available for use until January 19th, 2021.